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The Grand Finale Miss & Mr Avantgarde Netherlands 15 nov. 2019

Miss & Mr. Avantgarde Netherlands Beauty, Eco-Friendly, Design & Photography Miss & Mr. Avantgarde Netherlands is much more than a beauty contest. It also focuses on art, creativity and promotes awareness in the fields of environment and sustainability.


You are cordially invited to the Miss & Mister Avantgarde beauty contest 2019, expect respected personalities, fashion, music and of course a very welcoming and classy atmosphere to meet again with people you have not seen in a long time, make new friends and establish contacts.


The Miss and Mr. Avantgarde election distinguishes itself from similar events. It’s the first one in which a fashion designer plays a main role by collaborating with a miss, using his or her creation. A requirement is that the creation must consist of recyclable materials. With this creation, they are looking for candidates to earn the title ‘Best Recycling Designer’ together. On the other hand, Mr. Avantgarde will be working closely with his own photographer. This is intended to present a final selection of three pictures. This selection includes a black and white photo, an indoor and outdoor photo. They work together with the relevant selection in order to obtain the ‘Best Photographer Avantgarde’ award.


Expect well respected personalities, fashion, music, and of course a very cozy and classy atmosphere to catch up with people you havent seen in a while. Make new friends and network with business owners.


Come and witness the crowning of the Miss and Mr. Avantgarde Netherlands 2019


15 November 2019
19:00 – 23:oo hrs
World Fashion Centre Amsterdam