Applying for WFC Pass

You can enter WFC Amsterdam only if you have a valid WFC pass. The WFC access pass does not always guarantee access to every company based in WFC Amsterdam. Each company has the right to determine its own entry policy.


Conditions for access to WFC Amsterdam

  • You must provide proof of your identity and an extract from the Chamber of Commerce confirming that you buy and/or sell textile goods, clothing, or related articles.
  • You must be employed by a tenant at WFC Amsterdam or have a business relationship with a tenant. You must provide written proof to that effect together with your ID.
  • You must be carrying out work in or on the space of a tenant renting space at WFC Amsterdam at the request of the tenant.
  • You must have an invitation from a tenant renting space at WFC Amsterdam to visit this space.


Receipt of your WFC access pass

After you fill out and submit the form, your application will be confirmed via an email and processed further. You will receive the WFC access pass by post within 10 working days at the address specified by you.


Period of validity of your WFC access pass

The WFC access pass is valid for a period of 5 years.


Address change

To update your address information, please contact When submitting a change of address, remember to include a copy of your new extract from the Chamber of Commerce.


Loss of WFC access pass

Please report the loss of your WFC pass to or to the information desk in the Central Hall.



If you no longer wish to make use of your WFC pass, please send an email


Do not use this option to request a DAY PASS.
The DAY PASS is only issued at the reception in WFC Amsterdam.