Light artwork The 3D Spheres – Multi Reflections at WFC Amsterdam

On December 6, the light artwork The 3D Spheres – Multi Reflections by artist Clifton Mahangoe was turned on at WFC Amsterdam. The artwork symbolizes bringing worlds together, new energy and the transformation of WFC Amsterdam into a lively mixed-use place at the Westas in Amsterdam.


Light artwork at WFC Amsterdam

The artwork symbolizes new energy at the Westas, a connection of the buildings with the neighborhood, the city and the world. Turning on the artwork is part of the transformation of WFC Amsterdam into a lively mixed-use place with different functions where people live, work and meet each other. The place where fashion, creativity and technology are the important pillars. “Just like nature and green are important for our well-being, art is an important part of realizing a sustainable and lively environment. Art connects people. The 3D Spheres – Multi Reflections symbolize the diversity, energy and the potential of WFC Amsterdam to transform into a colorful hotspot on the Westas” says Bart Meijer, CEO MRP and owner of WFC Amsterdam.


The turning of the Spheres coincides with the 10th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival “Celebrate Light”. In the winter months, when it gets dark early and especially with the current corona measures, the works in particular create a magical feeling. Robbert-Jan Bosch, Commercial Director of WFC Amsterdam: “We invite local residents, art lovers, our tenants and everybody else interested to pause for a moment and enjoy the art works. It’s a meeting – it is building bridges for us.”


The 3D Spheres – Multi Reflections

The two Spheres, specially made for WFC Amsterdam, are made by light artist Clifton Mahangoe. They connect not only with the environment but also connect with the inner light of the audience. Artist Mahangoe: “My studio is the nature.  I always look for places in the world, where there is a high vibration and where light flows. This work was made in Switzerland in high mountains and beneath pure flowing waterfalls. I film images underwater and project them in the 360 degree Sphere. The light work is on during the day to experience different light elements, the round shape with light gives a dynamic effect. By playing with repetitive patterns, I build worlds of light that fill our unconscious and activates memory.”


The 3D Spheres – Multi Reflections is 2 by 2 meters and made of fiberglass and resin. The technique consists of a custom-made 360 degree lens with laser light, which has been developed by Clifton Mahangoe. Light as a language pushes the boundaries of visual light art and is a first in a public space in the district Amsterdam New West. The slow rhythm of the projected sequences creates a enchanting and soothing effect for the viewer. You get the feeling that you are part of something bigger.


For more information, look at Clifton Mahangoe