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This website also contains information from and about various tenants within the World Fashion Centre (WFC) in Amsterdam.


The WFC makes it possible for its tenants to post information on this website but is not responsible for its content. The WFC cannot guarantee that this website is correct or complete or that the information consulted on this site or exchanged via this site is up-to-date.


Information placed on this website is free of any obligation whatsoever. No rights or entitlements or claims whatsoever can be based on the content of this website.


All images and photographs on the website are or may be protected by copyright law and may not be used by third parties.


The WFC is not responsible for websites or other information from external organisations referred to on the website. The WFC is not responsible for any files or websites to which users are directed via links on the web page(s). The presence of a link does not provide any validation or confirmation of these files or sites.


The WFC cannot accept any liability for any (direct or indirect) damage that has been caused by or may potentially be caused by, and that is the result of or is in any way related to, the use or consultation of the content of the web page(s) or the inability to consult the webpage(s).



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