Trucks, vans, and cars can load and unload behind (Terheideweg) WFC Amsterdam. The Terheideweg (back street behind the building and the car park) is accessible only for loading and unloading and parking vans that are more than 2 m in height. The first 30 minutes are free of charge, after which the regular parking fee applies.


Receiving and dispatching basement, towers 1, 2 and 3

Goods can also be received or dispatched via the receiving and dispatching basement beneath towers 1, 2 and 3. You can stay in the receiving and dispatching basement for loading and unloading for a maximum of 30 minutes. The height of your vehicle must be less than 3.6 m.


Receiving and dispatching street, tower 4

Small trucks and vans can load and unload on the rear side of tower 4. You can stay here for a maximum of 30 minutes to load and/or unload your vehicle, and no maximum height applies here.


Front side of World Fashion Centre

On the front side of WFC Amsterdam facing the main road, there are two places available for loading and unloading. A taxi stand and a parking space for the disabled are also located here.



You can receive an exemption from the security staff in the Central Hall that allows you to load and/or unload for longer than 30 minutes.



If you exceed the permissible time limits or obstruct the flow of traffic in the receiving and dispatching basement, you risk having a wheel clamp attached to your vehicle that will be removed by company security staff only after payment of an administrative penalty. No liability can be accepted for any damage caused by the attachment or removal of a wheel clamp, and any such costs must be borne by the offender.


If you have any questions and/or would like more information about loading and unloading, please feel free to contact the management of the WFC Amsterdam. (T +31 (0)20 – 511 0173)