WFC Amsterdam 50th anniversary

After a news announcement in 1959 that a Clothing House (‘Confectiehuis’) would be built, it was not before 1963 that the ground-breaking ceremony was kicked off by J.M. den Uyl (at the time alderman of Amsterdam). On the 27th of March 1968, his Royal Highness Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands officially opened the Clothing Centre (‘Confectiecentrum’): Tower 1 with 16 floors and tower 2 with 10 floors.



1968 – Opening of the World Fashion Centre (WFC): Tower 1 and 2
1977 – First expansion: WFC tower 3
1989 – Opening of WFC car park
1990 – Opening of Fashion Garden, i.e. tower 4
1993 – WFC celebrates its 25th anniversary
2002 – Addition of two parking decks to WFC car park
2005 – Opening of WFC Beursplaza event location
2008 – 40th anniversary: retrospective & celebration of 40 years of fashion in the WFC
2016 – Major renovation of main entrance to tower 4
2017 – Renovation of main entrance, expansion and renovation of Central Hall
2018 – WFC celebrates 50th anniversary


Now, 50 years later, we can look back proudly at half a century of fashion history. It’s an industry that has changed quite rapidly and will continue to change. And WFC Amsterdam aims to change with it!


WFC Amsterdam 50th anniversary book

To celebrate its 50th anniversary on the 27th of March 2018, a special book was commissioned by the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam. The book focuses on the past, the present and the future. An independent project team interviewed tenants from the fashion industry and related sectors to tell their stories in words and images. These stories reflect the entrepreneurship, energy, and creativity that have found a home at WFC Amsterdam over the last half century. The book is also a celebration of fashion as a whole, and is a must-have for everyone working in the fashion industry as well as a source of inspiration for students as well as entrepreneurs. That is also one of the main reasons for publishing it.