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  Connecting Tunisian SMEs in workwear and denim to Dutch buyers

Connecting Tunisian SMEs in workwear and denim to Dutch buyers
Geplaatst op: 13-11-2017
Leading Tunisian workwear and denim producers will showcase their products during a business matchmaking event at the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam on the 14th of November 2017.ABOUT THE EVENT
The producers are among the key players in Tunisia's workwear and denim sub-sectors, and have over the last years succesfully diversified their supplier base, upgraded product quality and made inroads in international markets, while spurring follow-on crossborder bussiness acitivity. 

The matchmaking event is a unique opportunity to establish business links with some of Tunisia's foremost denim and workwear producers.

The event is organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC), the Tunisian Ministry of Trade, and the Tunisian Export Promotion Centre (Centre des Exportations – CEPEX). It is part of the 'Supporting Textile and Garment Value Chain Competitiveness in Tunisia (COM-TEXHA)' project, that is funded by the State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO) of Switzerland and implemented by ITC.

COM-TEXHA responds to the challenges faced by businesses in the Tunisian textile and clothing sector. The sector is Tunisia’s main source of export revenue and value addition in manufacturing, employs about 200 000 people, and offers considerable potential for further growth and job creation. 
Yet Tunisian textile and clothing exporters often struggle to harness their full potential in international markets. Longstanding competition from China, Vietnam and Bangladesh has been exacerbated by the entry of new market actors in places like Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and Sri Lanka.

In response, ITC is working with the Tunisian government, sectoral insitutions, and 37 companies in the country's textile and clothing sector to increase export earnings and create new job opportunities for young people.

COM-TEXHA operates on multiple fronts. It provides training on input sourcing management and facilitates links with new potential suppliers to enable SMEs to diversify their supply base and ramp up export capacity. It fosters partnerships between companies from the country’s more internationally integrated coastal areas and those from the relatively isolated interior, to help them expand value chains and generate jobs in those areas. By creating a pool of young workers specialized in product development, the project meets companies’ need for cutting-edge design and production management. 
Finally, the project works to connect Tunisian companies to potential international clients in selected markets such as Egypt, United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and Sweden through business matchmaking events. 

An independent evaluation conducted in 2016 found that the project had been effective and efficient in delivering assistance to SMEs in Tunisia’s textile and clothing sector. Based on the evaluators’ recommendations, ITC will continue to support the companies to internationalize. 
The project will also work to broker new partnerships between inland SMEs and larger companies based in greater Tunis and the Sahel region in the country’s south. 

ITC will continue to support the Tunisian government in improving the business environment for SMEs, with an emphasis on identifying and lowering obstacles to trade. ITC will also continue working with the trade and investment support institutions in the textile and clothing sector to equip them to better serve SME clients seeking to connect to international markets.


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