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  Fashion Revolution Day

Fashion Revolution Day
Beginning:24-04-2017 - 17:00 / End:24-04-2017 - 22:00

On Monday, April 24th 2017 it will be 4 years ago that the Rana Plaza disaster took place in Bangladesh. We will commemorate this day globally at Fashion Revolution Day and we are asking for more transparency in the clothing industry with #whomademyclothes.

In the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam we organize the Fashion Revolution Talks with the focus on Transparency. We want to show how at the event how far the clothing companies are increasing of transparency and care for the garment makers

Event calendar (change)

● 17.00: start, networking event, exhibition, photo opportunity

● 17:45: Keynote

● 18.00: Jos Cozijnsen, Fashion Revolution NL, Welcome and Presentation of Fashion Revolution Transparency Index 2017

● 18:15: Radboud van Delft, Rank a Brand: reaction

● 18.30: Suzan Cornelissen, Clean Clothes Campaign: reaction

● 18:45: Panel with speakers and audience

● 19:15: Break

● 19:45: Jef Wintermans, former Modint, SER: Clothing Covenant: state and planning

● 20:00: Panel with representative government, representative branch in discussion with the audience: How do you promote as a business transparency and better conditions?

● 20:45: End Panel, drinks

● During the event updates social media campaign, trending and bloggers

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/248226532305302/


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