Fashion for Life!

Fashion for Life!
Anfang:15-06-2012 - 19:00 / Ende:15-06-2012 - 12:00

On Friday, 15th of June 2012 at 19:00 hours, the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam will open their doors for hoteliers, entrepreneurs and designers to host an exclusive fashion event that will be a once in a lifetime experience and a great opportunity to support the charity organization Designers Against Aids.

The evening will start with a warm welcome at the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam and continue with network opportunities, amuses, a catwalk show and an auction with interesting and exclusive items. A preview of the items to be auctioned will be launched soon!

You are also given the opportunity to get your hands on the clothes presented during the show (they will be sold throughout the evening!). 

What : A very exclusive show combining catwalk and auction, a network                                       opportunity for designers and hoteliers and flying amuses.
Why : To show you the contrast between all of this and the seriousness of AIDS.
When : Friday, 15th of June 2012. Be there at 19:30 hours!
Where : World Fashion Centre, Amsterdam
For Who : Hoteliers, Designers and Entrepreneurs
Atmosphere : Luxurious, modern, funky and accessible
Our Goal : To raise as much money as possible for Designers Against Aids and to                              provide you with an unforgettable evening.
Your Goal : Network, be part of this exclusive charity event and enjoy!

Your time is now! Be there and support us.


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