WFC Just Kidz continues!!

WFC Just Kidz continues!!
Anfang:28-01-2018 - 10:00 / Ende:28-01-2018 - 17:00

The initiative for the new children's fashion fair WFC Just Kidz is received positively by agencies and brands, says promoter Ruben Worms of the same agency. The kids fair continues! Children's fashion retailers can go to Amsterdam's World Fashion Center on 28 and 29 January 2018.

Now Kleine Fabriek has stopped, Just Kidz is revived. Just Kidz gets an open and clear appearance where brands are immediately visible and there is a route along all labels. The stands are universal, dolls and banners can add participants themselves. Access is free, exhibitors do not pay parking fees and visitors pay a reduced rate for parking. "A simple bursary without fuss," says Worms. "And sharply priced."


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